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31 December 2008

[NEWS] DBSK, ‘SBS Gayo Daejun’ Why Did They Sing ‘Under My Skin’?

My Daily News] Group TVXQ’s single of the 4th album ‘Order - MIROTIC’ had been modified back to the former version of the original record in a long time in front of their fans, and it attracted attention.

In Ilsan, KINTEX on the 29th of December at 10PM “2008 SBS Star Wars”, one of the biggest events of the season wherein only the most popular top stars come together to participate. TVXQ went on stage before BoA ended the festival. They performed “Wrong Number” and Order-MIROTIC, with this version modifying the lyrics back to before.

TVXQ in November had an issue with the Family Health and Welfare under the Youth Protection Committee due to the song MIROTIC not for the youth, and the decision is effective that to media a modified version of the original lyrics were changed to protect the youth. In this modified version of the lyrics, “Under my skin” became “Under my sky” as part of the song.

However, the fans crying out “Under my skin” during the Gayo Daejun had proven right in the modified version. This was possible because the SBS Gayo Daejun was broadcasted in the late hours. The Youth Protection ordinance says that the Youth Protection regulations time to prevent “harmful information” are broadcast from 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on weekdays. TVXQ appeared on stage after the 12th hour [12MN] meaning that the law didn’t matter because the time did not apply to the original record.

TVXQ’s agency response was that “It was broadcast on late-night time zone at 0′clock over time so I do not think that was a problem,” he explained the reason and, “in this stage Dong Bang Shin Ki was the last schedule,” the original meaning was called indirectly from the performance.

Meanwhile, TVXQ’s agency SM Entertainment signed the court application of for the re-examination of the cancellation of the notice from the Youth Protection Committee of the content of their song being unsuitable for the youth.

Source: press@mydaily.co.kr
Translations: Fangirlmitz
picture credit: deviantart
shared : dbsk dream

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