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30 November 2008

Sunye excited about being an university girl

In the first episode of KBS Quiz Expedition shown on 23rd November (recorded on 14th), the Wonder Girls and Wheesung were the invited guests on the new variety program as they went to Dongguk University. This was particularly meaningful for Wonder Girls leader, Sun Ye as it was her first visit to Dongguk University as a student after being accepted for the 2009 semester.

Sun Ye was accepted by Dongguk University together with YoonA (So Nyeo Shi Dae) and Joo. She chatted about being accepted into the university and hopes to quickly adapt to life as a student. Thanks to the program, Sun Ye was able to visit her new school campus much earlier ahead of schedule.

KBS Quiz Expedition hosted by Lee Hyuk Jae, Ji Suk Jin and Park Ji Hyun was for high school students who had cleared their examinations and parents who were curious about university life. It was coincidental for Sun Ye that the first episode was recorded at Dongguk University, her new school.

Before recording, Sun Ye met Dongguk University’s principal, Oh Young Kyo. Sun Ye expressed, “This is my first time visiting the campus after passing the entrance exams so I am very excited. But I was even more nervous when I met the principal. Everything will be my first time so I am very excited and anticipating it. I must adapt properly to university after starting school and get along well with my classmates”, as she looks forward to 2009.

So Hee remarked about Sun Ye in university, “She can go camping now so I am very envious of her. I am very curious about it as I have not gone before.”

source: wonderland

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