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29 November 2008

Fun recent facts about our 5 lovely men (DBSK)

- Though Changmin may not look like the Casanova of the group, he certainly is.
- Yunho tends to sleep with his mouth wide open. The members say it’s a problem he’ll never be able to fix. Jaejoong finds that very embarrassing on plane rides, so he does Yunho a favor and puts a blanket to cover his face.
- Junsu eats really quickly.
- They have all had girlfriends in the past and have all gotten their first kisses (Yes, including Changmin).
- The five of them have many female celebrity friends. However, regular women are the ones that win over their hearts.
- Yunho appears manly, but when the cameras are off, he acts the cutest.
- Jaejoong makes weird, exaggerated expressions while sleeping.
- Jaejoong, Yoochun, TOP (from Big Bang) and Hyunjoon (from SS501) are all great friends. They never bring other people along when having a get together.
- Jaejoong and Micky are drinking buddies.
- Changmin doesn’t like to drink with his hyungs, he’d rather drink alone.
- Junsu talks to his twin brother, Junho, on the phone more than a guy would talk to their girlfriends.
- Yunho is very forgetful.
- Yoochun is not a night person, nor is he a morning person.
- Both Junsu and Changmin can’t drink very well.
- Yunho is very bad at games, he’d push a few buttons and he’d already lose. His argument? “I’ve been called the Game King, but I have yet to show the members.”
- Changmin doesn’t show his inner feelings/emotions. Rare times like the 2008 MKMF where he was overcome with happiness and cried.
- Yoochun loves playing games and he believes he’s good at them. Therefore, he never has any rules.
- Jaejoong’s cellphone contains many candid shots of the members (Ex. When they’ve just finished showering, are using the restroom). He says that he loves the members very much and he wants to be set apart from other people by having something nobody else can see.
- Changmin is currently learning how to play the guitar. He would love to perform playing the guitar one day.
- Jaejoong really likes to expose himself.
- While Junsu loves games too much, Jaejoong shows no interest in games.
- When Yoochun sees an attractive girl, he’s unable to take his eyes off of her.
- Junsu doesn’t really have a sense of style. When going shopping, he’d buy the full outfit on the mannequins.
- Yoochun likes to roll his pants up. It’s a new style he’s trying to endorse.
- Yoochun (as well as the rest of the members) are very supportive of SHINee. Before their debut, Yoochun would always buy food for them and supported them by giving them advice.

credits : s@nbi + CHOON

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