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28 October 2008

Wonder Girls Yoobin's Life OST and So Hee's Take on Family

As another revelation on Mnet’s “My Favorite” radio program, YooBin shared that she would pick “Tell Me” for her “My Life’s OST”. Most of the other members chose another singer/group’s song. “Even though it may not be so to the other members, to me it was my debut song,” explained YooBin. “The members that I had seen only on TV were my dream to me, and while being newly brought in, I was anxious and nervous at having to stand with those same members. I worried a lot, but luckily “Tell Me” turned out well, so it became my life’s turning point.” The show aired on Oct. 27 on Mnet. (source: reviewstar)

SoHee spoke about the strength that family can give at the 2nd Seoul International Family Film Festival. In an interview with YTN Star, she shared, “While I started activites from when I was young, there were very hard times and circumstances that I couldn’t talk about to my friends. I think that the people who give the most strength is family. Mother or father… when you are having hard or lonely times, if you think about the family by your side, then I think you will gain a lot of strength.” She was also asked about being a member of the Wonder Girls. “I plan on doing Wonder Girls promotions until the end of the year through the song ‘Nobody’. Everyone please give us much love,” asked the young singer/actress. Fighting, SoHee! (source: ytn star)

Both translated by: WGjjang

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