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26 October 2008

Wonder Girls to Release Own Cosmetics, Peripera Wonder Line

The Wonder Girls will come out with a new line of cosmetics that they have helped created with color makeup brand Cleo early next month.

The makeup line will be called Peripera Wonder Line. PeriPera has been gaining lots of popularity online since Cleo launched the sister line in 2005.

A Cleo representative said, “The collaboration between the Wonder Girls, who creates a craze every time they come out they always come out with a surprising new style, plus PeriPera, a makeup brand line that speaks to the women’s heart, is the best news that a woman could possibly have.”

“Not only are all the Wonder Girls’ members interested in makeup, they know how to use makeup to their advantage and know a lot of makeup tips. Their unique ideas helped us a lot”, added the representative from Cleo.

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