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28 September 2008

TVXQ : "Our time in Japan was not for advertisement, but to mature our comeback."

TVXQ Interview:
"Our time in Japan was not for advertisement, but to mature for our comeback."

Q: In Japan, were you ever frustrated with reporters and the media in Korea?
A: Saying "no," would be a lie. Of course, we did receive praise, but the most important thing is that news written without attending our concerts is always far from the truth. Only after listening to TVXQ's songs should judgements be made. There were some who didn't seem to do so. Once, we won #1 on the Oricon chart, and another Korean band also placed in the top 10. But there was a newspaper that wrote about TVXQ's past few years in a negative tone. That was really frustrating. We worked so hard in Japan to earn that spot. It's not just the results. If people can see our hard work, that's already enough.

Q: Truthfully, have you worried about fans who say, "You're spending more time in Japan than in Korea?"
A: If we had gone to Japan for money, we would've left after we surpassed the other Korean stars in Japan. We wouldn't have started fresh as a new band, and spent three years. We respect the other Korean stars in Japan very much, but we didn't have much contact with other Japanese celebrities. Even after all this time, we still can only say we are close to a few stars. In the midst of this however, Koda Kumi (who belongs to the same company as us) became very close to us, and we've become like brothers and sister.

Q: What do you feel about BoA in America?
A: She should do very well. We're supporting her and rooting for her. BoA is really a very charismatic sunbae, and we hope she will do well in Amrica. Because we aren't American pop experts, and we haven't had much experience, we can't really make any judgements. We can only believe she will do well.

Q: After seeing BoA in America, do you have any desire to do the same?
A: We haven't thought about that. "Not yet" is the right word. We just want to do our best in Korea right now, and have no plans to debut in America.

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Translation: jae!fany @ Shinki! Forums
Source: Mr. TVXQ + www.hohobbs.com
Credit: yunho-sshi.com+xymhur@multiply+
Taken from:HanLei

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